Wellness Books That Your Mind Will Love Before Going To Good Night Mode

What does it mean to be healthy? Can you give one definition and say that you know the right thing that determines your healthiness and wellness? Probably no, because people are different and because you can’t put everyone in the same box and say that you all have the same wellness practices that keep your health at high and consistent levels.

There have been created so many new lifestyles, rules, coaching tips and wellness programs, meant to make your life easier, rejuvenating and more positive, amidst all the craziness of this world.  However, you can never know which one will help you, unless you try it. So, jumping from one to another wellness lifestyle will eventually lead you to your source of freshness, vitality and vibrancy.

But, one thing is for sure: everyone has to take care of their gut health and their eating habits if they want to create a good base for further wellness improvement.

Here are books that talk about all these things in a moderate, non-selling and non-attentional convincing ways on how to approach the life of well-being and healthy living.

Nourish, by Amber Rose, Sadie Frost and Holly Davidson

As simple as its title, this book, written by two sisters and their best friend, is a well-composed, all-embracing book that has gathered the three most important elements of the existence: body, mind and soul. The three authors give their thoughts and knowledge on how food can help your health, and they offer a weekly meal, exercise and meditation plan – a real mind-body-soul blast.

The China Study, by PhD. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell

The author of this book is a senior researcher and professor who has worked on more than 300 research papers. This book contains a whole group of studies that put accent on the correlation between the consummation of animal-based products and human diseases. The book has its name exactly because the researches were done on comparison in two diets: the Chinese and the Western cuisine cultures.

Joyous Health, by Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy writes about the pivotal importance of mindfully consuming food, detoxifying processes and habits, and the will to find healthy substitutions and food alternatives and the gradual incorporation of the same in your long-term diet goals. Additionally, the author offers budgeting and grocery list saving tips.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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