Weird Ways To Stay Awake When You Have To

Mornings are awesome…unless you feel like you’ve been dragged by a truck and thrown into a limbo the night before. In a perfect world with perfect conditions and work laws, you could call your boss or your professor and tell them that you can’t come at work or at classes that particular morning, because you desperately need more sleep, because you’re exhausted from your mid 20s crisis, your job, your university, your job, partner and.. and then you realize that such world isn’t real, so you get up and you put on your clothes, and then you head right to hell (hopefully, a short-term one, in which you usually feel comfortable).

There you are, weighing towards your desk and trying to stay awake. You’ve tried coffee, water, slaps, yelling inside yourself and nothing helps; you want to sleep!

According to some doctors and holistic life coaches and personal trainers, there are some unconventional and weird ways that you can try to use to stay awake.

Peppermint face

According to the American holistic health coach Hannah Alderete, on the mornings when you feel exhausted and “unawakable”, applying some thin layer of peppermint oil or cream on your temples will cool your face, which will stress you in a positive way and will make you more attentional. The peppermint is a stimulant that will whip up your brain.

Switch your tooth paste

As we said, peppermint is a stimulant, so choose another toothpaste before you go to bed.  Try something more neutral or sweeter and avoid anything that contains peppermint or chilling substances that could affect your sleepiness. Use the peppermint toothpaste for the mornings when you need to alert yourself and your mind.

Tape your mouth

No, this is not a metaphor, nor a joke. According to Dr. Mark Burhenne, a dentist who believes that teeth and mouth shouldn’t be seen as a separate part of the body, but rather as something that is closely connected to the health condition of the rest of your body, taping your mouth shut can help you sleep properly, which means that you’ll wake up rested in the morning and you’ll be awake and focused. This seemingly torturous act is actually really helpful because it forces you to breathe through your nose, which many people avoid or don’t do it. When you breathe through your nose, the level of nitric oxide increases, which affects your memory and sleep quality in a positive way.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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