Things To Do In The Mornings When You Have To Study

The start of the day is crucial for your mental, emotional and physical health. Many people start their mornings in stress and panic, because they have so many things on their mind and things to do. No matter the amount of obligations you got to do, the first thing in the morning that you should do and have is to make yourself feel peaceful and create calmness in you. Worry won’t help you solve anything, while the complete weightlessness will prepare you for the worst and the best during the day. Being at the University brings lots of worries and planning; the grades, the points, the exams, the studying, the projects…we know, that’s too much overwhelming. So, if you’re in the middle of the exam week or if you’ve started to study for the next month and you feel like you need some relaxing on each study morning after you wake up, here are few things that we can suggest you:

Breathe and pray

The busy mornings in which the main activity is something that is very important to you should start in prayer and calmness. Get up, wash and get dressed. Sit on the ground or on your bed and breathe in. Breathe out all the worry through a prayer. Ask God for forgiveness, thank Him for the new day and ask him to clear your mind. Ask for bright thoughts and efficient and comfortable studying hours.

Eat well

You need food that will feed your brain with the necessary nutrients. Avoid string coffee or anything that can cause you tachycardia or nausea, trembling and anxiousness. Eat a bowl of salad (fruit or vegies), drink plenty of water and take a chocolate bar for energy.

A process of self-improvement

Understand that you’re not studying for grades, but for knowledge and for your self-improvement. Accept this process as a way of getting new information and something that will make you a better, well-read and educated. Research, read, ask, wrote down, think and analyze the things you read. Don’t believe everything, and stay curious.

Color the morning

Studying will be much more fun if you take notes in your favorite decorative notebook and if you use coloring pencils, markers, pens and stickers. Invest a small treasure in these and color your busy morning with these little mind activators and motivation helpers.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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