Things To Discuss In a Drowning Relationship

You got yourself in a situation where you’re yelling at your partner, crying hysterically and feeling like you’re done. That’s it; in your head, that’s the end of your hopes for a lasting love and a strong relationship. You feel like you’ve tried everything, you’ve done everything you could to improve yourself and to ask your partner to change their damaging habits, but things have gone worse.

Maybe it’s time to end the relationship, but maybe it’s time to try a new strategy, too? What if you stay and nothing changes? Oh, but what if you try and everything changes – to better, to soul-fulfilling, to lasting love-creating? If you don’t try and risk, you’ll never know. And if you’re willing to try just one more time before you throw everything in the limbo, here are few things that you might want to talk about with your partner.

What is your common goal?

People change during the years and their ideas, necessities and goals can jump from “a small house with you on the country side” to “a corporate person with my own entrepreneurship idea”. It’s important to talk with your partner why you are together and re-evaluate the values that brought you two together. What’s the thing that attracted you and made you stay with this person throughout all those years? What makes them do the same? Are you on the same altitude?

Are they willing to change, but this time for real?

If there’s something that’s affecting your relationship in a bad way, ask your partner whether they’d like to make an improvement in their choices and relationship behavior, or they’d prefer to stay the way they are. Talk with your partner and let them know that you’re open to constructive critics and opinions and how they should do the same, if they’re willing to save the relationship. Get out of the comfort zones, both of you!

Admit that you’re tired

If you’ve been the one that’s been putting all of their efforts to save and make this relationship work and survive all the earthquakes, then open up and tell that to your partner. Tell them that you need them to be stronger and more flexible. Share your thoughts and your feelings, and help them realize that it really takes two to tango. So, if they wanna dance, let them lead the dance for a while!

What do you think?

Written by Stacie Newton

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