Things That Will Make Her Feel Loved

Women are a mix of complex thoughts, emotions, opinions, viewpoints and ways of existence and functioning. However, the situation is not as complicated as it sounds. As a man, you will always wonder what are the things and acts that will make your woman feel loved, without having to prove her your feelings every single day. The secret is not so secret: women are so different, that you can’t hope to find an online-selling package of rules or patterns that explain how to love your woman. However, as gentle and as independent and strong in the same time the woman is, there are some common things that almost any woman would approve as a gesture of sincere and unquestioning love.

Preparing her favorite meal

It’s not about the load of work she has when cooking, nor all the dishes she has to wash, but it’s about the gesture of knowing when to let her rest and boost her with energy on those stressful mornings or exhausted afternoons after work. A simple meal or a snack she loves will warm her heart and help her continue the day in love and peace.

Planning the weekend

Create two or three offers for the weekend plans. Put them on a piece of paper and let her choose. She’s going to respect your efforts and the fact that you’re thinking about the things that make her happy.

Let her choose the present for her birthday

The birthday surprise doesn’t have to be a big party, or an expensive present. If you don’t have a lot of money, be sincere and tell her that you’d love to buy her everything that she deserves, but that at that particular moment, you’re with a limited budget and that you still want her to choose something that she’d love to have. Don’t feel ashamed or weak for being sincere. If she loves you for real, she’s going to be touched by this gesture.

Taking care for your future

It’s in the nature of the woman to feel the need to be safe and secure. You’ll make your woman happy, if you show her that you’d like to be part of her future and that you’ll do everything that’s necessary to succeed in your plans together. But don’t just say this; do it. Steadily, but surely, you two will build your future together.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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