Therapists Reveal The Nightly Habits of Mindful People

The famous author and psychotherapist, Doctor Linda Myles defines mindfulness as a “scientific approach to acceptance and inner peace”. Or, to make it closer and easier to feel and understand, mindfulness is part of the mental dimension of well-being that keeps you present in the “now”.

According to scientists, researchers and therapists and their studies, mindful people are also successful people. You shouldn’t look at them with envy and think of them as “extraordinary creatures”. On the contrary: the best that you can do is to learn and strive to have similar habits like theirs.

Here are some of their basic nightly habits that keep them fresh, flexible and happy.

  1. They avoid multitasking

And you thought that multitasking is habit number one of rich and successful people? No, my dear, mindful people prefer to do their tasks one by one.

  1. Less technology

Mindful people don’t engage in activities that include cell phones after work or during relax time. They prefer to enjoy real relationships, to taste delicious foods and to read a good story. They like to wallow in the small things and the magic of presents.

  1. They breathe in and breathe out positivity

When you see a person always smiling and sharing vibrant and calming energy, what do you think first? “How do they make it?” “How do they stay so calm and weightless?” They try and they believe that positive looks on life bring happiness and they sharpen their strategies and capability to always get a positive outcome from a negative event.

  1. They watch their words

“But, I’m impulsive!” Yes, you are but yes, you can also control yourself. You’re not in puberty and you’re smart enough to watch your thoughts and words. Mindful people always take care of their thoughts’ flow and the feelings these incite. There’s a song that says:

“Watch your words

Or your words might drown you”.

Mindful people have mastered the self-control with lots of work and persistence.

  1. They take care for themselves 

Self-care is number one rule in the life of mindful people. They know that they can’t serve anyone and anything (people or purpose) if their mind, body and soul aren’t balanced and synchronized.

They admire sleeping

When it’s time to sleep, they go to bed. When it’s time to wake up, they cherish the morning.

What do you think?

Written by Stacie Newton

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