The Weirdest Date Places According To Women

When going on a date, there is more to worry about than just the “What I’m going to wear?” moment. Things like what to order, who’s going to pay the bill, what to talk about and  should you stay on the date until the end when you’re bored, or should you ask for a second date when things are going smooth are just part of the dating frets. And, all of these could be ignored or “sweeten” if the ambient and the place chosen for the date night (or day) are pleasant and fitting to the occasion.

However, some people aren’t so lucky and they have experienced some really bizarre, funny, unpleasant and weird dates.

We chose some of those, so take a look and have fun, or at least have empathy and sympathize with these women. J

Feel like home

A woman that went to study and live abroad in Spain, met a guy in the city she was living in and because their communication was based on the terrible Spanglish language combination, she could barely understand what they’re talking about. For the situation to be even funnier, the guy decided to took her at a place where she’s going to feel like home because she was from the USA, so he chose McDonald’s for their first date. She’s said that the gesture was very nice, but that the ambient was as comfortable as the Spaniard believed it would be.

Oh this date, what a torture!

Not sure what’s the best word to describe this date idea, but it’s not as weird as it looked to the date girl…Or, it is? You decide, it’s up to us to tell you what happened. The girl was invited to a surprise first date and was taken to the Museum of Torture in Amsterdam; lots of things to discuss about, and lots of things to think about. Is the date guy a history fan, or a BDSM fan or maybe something scarier? Good luck, brave woman!

Hey you, won’t you come over here?!

This fault is on her, though – it was her idea to invite him on a Halloween party. And the guy was really professional and took his role seriously, haha. This dateless girl was left alone when her date decided that it’s more fun to stay “in character” on her Halloween party and have fun with her male friends talking about costumes and gaming. Oh my, at least she knows she made someone have a great night.

What do you think?

Written by Stacie Newton

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