The Effect Colors Give To Bedrooms

The bedroom is the place where positive energy and calmness should rest. No worry and no negative thought should enter this place. The colors of your bedroom play a big role in your daily and long-term mood. You should choose a paint shade that will soothe your mind and that won’t distract you a lot in the evening, because you should have a calming atmosphere that will allow you to read, fall asleep or rest well.

Let’s check the colors that you should try sometime in your bedroom. Whenever you feel that your room needs a change, you’ll have these choices to inspire you.


This color is complicate and you should choose the shade very wisely and carefully, because it can easily go from relaxing to irritating and negatively remarkable. However, the tones of pale purple, dark royal purple and the blue tones are the ones that are soothing and also give a sense of sophistication and elegance. With just a few details and a minimalistic decorative touch, with these colors, you can make a cozy, snuggish and dreamy bedroom where you’ll always feel safe and tranquil. Purple is often a symbol for mystery, royalty, wisdom, peace and spirituality.


One more color that you gotta treat and apply correctly, because if you give your bedroom too much of a red, then you’re risking creating an area in which your eyes will always be focused at some point or detail and you’ll never reach complete peace. But, this color is also associated with vitality, positivity, energy and emotions of passion and love, so adding few cushions that have reddish details or a unique intense red nightstand that will wake you up every morning with its energetic looks, when the sun rays are pointing at it and when you hit the snooze button. Red is also said to help and improve metabolism.


First things first: black is not scary, nor “dark”. Black, when used properly and in moderate amounts, can be the most vibrant and calming color. Do you wear black and feel the most comfortable when you do so? Imagine a sky full of stars, somewhere out of town, with no lights around; it is soothing, dreamy and calming, right? You can have this ambient in your sleeping room by gently and smartly using the power of black.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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