The Couple Trend: Why You Should Celebrate Your Close Birthdays Together

Celebrating your birthday can be both satisfying and stressing. It would be the best if someone was throwing you a party, so you don’t have to get nervous about all the prep process and the money. Ok, let’s get real and leave the island of imagination. Organizing your own birthday party has its bright and dark sides, which later turn only to bright because there’s nothing better than gathering all your dear ones in one place, drinking the best beverages, eating delicious foods and laughing. Oh yes, we forgot to mention all the great presents!

Now, let’s move to an upper level and discuss the couple birthday parties. Have you ever celebrated your birthday with a friend whose birthday is really close to yours? Well, doing the same with your significant other is nothing different, except the fact that some friends will joke about how cheesy that is (in reality, they’re all gonna love the idea). The reasons why you should celebrate your birthdays together are numerous.

You’ll save money and time

Yes, this would be a bigger party, because you’re going it to organize it with both of the friend groups, but if you have common friends and if the biggest parts of your SO’s friends are yours too, then you’re going to save a lot of money and time. With so many people, you’ll have to plan the budget and you won’t act like billionaires. Plus, you can plan according your friends’ beverage choice: buy only what these people drink.

You’ll celebrate love

Except the wedding day, this is probably the biggest day when love is celebrated, because your birthdays will be experienced as something more important: two people who love each other unconditionally will celebrate their lives and will thank God for giving them the opportunity to live in the same time and to find each other and be together.

Date opportunities

Hopefully, you didn’t think “Oh, I’d like one”, because we meant: date opportunities for your single friends. By celebrating your close birthdays together, you and your loved one can easily become the love gurus by connecting some soulmates among your dearest friends. You know, that one single friend who was left by his fiancé and that awesome girl who is still alone because she always ends up with a person who doesn’t deserve her? 

What do you think?

Written by Stacie Newton

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