The Best Anti-Aging Foods That You Should Consume In Your 20s

Being in the twenties is one of the most confusing, moment-rich, decision-bringing, amazing, fun, exhausting, adventurous and exciting periods in your life. You will (or you’re already) experience so many different moments, you’ll meet new people, you’ll struggle with unpleasant situations and at some point, you may find yourself struggling with your health too, if you don’t pay enough attention to what your body is telling you.

Having regular meals and taking care of your diet habits should be one of your main long-term goals. We live in a world that causes us to be constantly under stress, and you know how negative feelings and emotions that keep inside yourself for a longer time affect your health. Your mid 20s are the years in which you’ll notice the first serious wrinkles, the first white hair and the first failed weight loss, or the first pain in your bones.

To prevent these things to happen in what’s supposed to be your best and healthiest life period, you should eat more foods that will keep your face, neck, skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

Sesame seeds

These seeds are rich in minerals and you should consume them often. The minerals that can be found in sesame seeds are iron, magnesium, phosphorous and mineral fiber. All these nutrients keep your bones healthy and strong.

Almond milk

One more food (beverage) that takes care for your bones’ health is this plant-based milk. Fortify your dose of almond milk with an addition of vitamin D and calcium.

Dark chocolate

Flavanols are compounds that contain catechin, a natural antioxidant and they can be found in any dark chocolate. This is the reason why you should eat dark desserts instead of sugar-rich cakes and sweets, or milk chocolates. According to science, flavanols help the increasing blood flow to your skin and also absorb UV radiation, which keeps your skin protected, healthy and soft.

Pomegranate seeds

These semi-sour, semi-sweet seeds fight the damaging free radicals and increase the preservations of collagen, which is an important protein that reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin’s elasticity.


Olives are highly rich in polyphenols and different phytonutrients that keep your DNA safe and healthy and they also keep you looking young. Consume organic, natural and non-canned olives that have kept their pit, because the ones with removed pits often lose their crucial nutrients.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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