QUIZ: What Type Of Workout Person Are You?

Exercising is important, but so is finding out which type of workouts suits you the best.

Answer the following quiz questions and find out the result at the end.

  • Question of

    When you started exercising for the first time, how much exercise were you doing?

    • I had some activities and hobby classes (sport or dance), but I never dedicated myself fully to it.
    • I loved playing team sports.
    • I was avoiding physical activities.
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    If you were playing any sport, what was the best part of it?

    • I liked the dynamic and the fun in the game.
    • I liked the competition and I was taking each game seriously.
    • I liked it because I could meet new people and chat.
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    What is the thing that you dislike about the gym?

    • The fact that I easily lose interested.
    • Waiting for the machine to be free.
    • Being surrounded by narcissistic and self-adoring people.
  • Question of

    When you have heavy training, how do you feel at the end of it?

    • Exhausted.
    • Refreshed and in positive mood and happy feelings.
    • Physically better and with focused attention.
  • Question of

    How do you feel about skipping workout days?

    • Indifferent.
    • Guilty and frustrated.
    • Physically bad, and in need to move around and get active.
  • Question of

    The best version of a workout day is when:

    • I’m energized and ready to exercise more.
    • Sweating and knowing I’m doing it right.
    • When it makes my thoughts go from dark to brighter.
  • Question of

    7. What is your body type?

    • Short and thin, with light and small bones.
    • Large bones and muscles.
    • Strong, but medium sized bones and toned muscles.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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