Sleeping In Airports: How To Stay Safe, Have Fun and Feel Comfortable

Air traveling became as frequent as any other form of travel. People go on vacation, adventures, meetings, business agreements and events, study exchanges, studying programs, visiting families and friends, exploring the world and whatnot else and it seems, there’s no better idea than traveling by planer because there are so many cheap options and those who don’t find it scary, enjoy seeing the sky and its marvelous beauty.

What once was a noisy bus station, people rushing around, luggage and people fallen asleep in the waiting are, has now become a chaotic airport full of people from different nations, children running and mommies going after them, people whose luggage was lost and pleasant and polite officials and employees that try to stay as kind as possible while explaining the gate numbers, directions and rules to passengers.

When you find yourself standing in the middle of all this positive madness and when you realize that you’ll have to spend the night right there, somewhere around the waiting area, things can seem weird and not so comfy.

Luckily, there are places where you can fall asleep and take a modestly good rest. On the other hand, there are airports in which you’re not allowed to use their space for sleeping – it all depends on the airport’s rules.

So, what you can do to make sure that you won’t arrive in a zombie mood to the destination you’re going, is, first of all, inform yourself about all the regulations of the airport you’re at. Visit their website or go directly to the information desk to get the necessary info. If you decide to sleep at the airport, make sure you have company (a close person you’re traveling with and who will watch over your luggage and stuff), or ask a person that is sitting close to you and that seems like a trustworthy one to keep an eye on your stuff. Always bring your money and your passport in a safe pocket in your jeans, or in a small money sack around your neck.

If you decide to stay awake and if you have the luck to travel with someone and not alone, then bring a board game (make sure you can bring it in your hand luggage), playing cards or some other amusing activity.

Go to some of the lounge bars and cafés of the airport (check their menus on the airport’s website) and take a coffee, or a short energy boosting nap.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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