Signs That Your Relationship’s Dynamic Is Not Synched

Every relationship has its own pace and way of functioning. However, for a relationship to succeed, the power dynamic should always be balanced, meaning, both the partners should give and receive equally.

The moment you start to feel that something’s wrong with the dynamic and the efforts both of you are putting (someone is giving much more than the other and the things aren’t changing) aren’t synched, it’s time to re-think the values of your relationship and the beliefs and choices you two have. There are some certain things that may help you in checking the healthiness of the power dynamic in your relationship.

You don’t speak up about your needs

If you constantly avoid talking about your needs, or if you speak up but always feel unheard and misunderstood, while your partner rejects everything you say or think, it means that they’re controlling and manipulating the flow of your relationship. Don’t sit and do nothing, but rather, raise the voice and fight for your needs.

One-side decision making

If the decisions brought in the relationship, both private and common things-related, are brought only by one-side i.e. by your partner, without taking your feelings and opinions into consideration.

You’re lonely

Feeling alone in a relationship is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. If you feel more disconnected, unheard and left alone than you feel loved and connected on an emotional and spiritual level with your partner, then this is bad sign for your relationship’s future.

There’s physical threatening and intimidation

If at any point you feel physically intimidated, abused or threatened, you should immediately leave that person. Physical threat and abuse are a way of control and manipulation and narcissistic, selfish and weak partners often do this with the intention to keep their partner under control and in fear, because that way, they’ll have a complete “jurisdiction” over the relationship and over your emotions, decisions and acts.

They expect you to meet their needs, but ignore yours

If you feel like you’re constantly under pressure because of your partner’s demands on fulfilling all their needs and expectations, while yours are being neglected and ignored, it means that the power dynamic of your romantic relationship is not so romantic in the end, nor it should be allowed to continue like that.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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