Questions To Ask A Guy You’ve Just Met

If you meet a guy at a party, at a bar or maybe you’re on a vacation and you start chit-chatting with him while your girlfriends “discreetly” stare at the two of you and “cheerlead” straight from the sea, you’ll probably want to use that time to cover the shame and to redirect his attention from your crazy friends towards your conversation (though he’ll probably feel flattered and will find this cute and amusing), here are few questions that you can ask.

You know, you’ll probably want to ask a thousand other questions, but still try to keep it cool and to not pass the red line. Like, don’t ask him about his mom’s hobbies and work. Please!

Ok, let’s get serious and how you can “inspect” him without letting him know that you’re testing his character and interests.

1. What do you do?

He may have mentioned something, but it’s cool if you want to know some extra details. Make sure you’re interested in what he does, not in for how much he does that. Any guy would be scared off if you’d ask him about his salary. Plus, you can include all the hobbies, passions and wants in this questions – it doesn’t have to be limited to work.

2. Where do you come from?/What are your roots?

Considering that people today come from so many different parts in the world to the metropolis (read, the capitals and the bigger, chance-richer cities), the guy you’ve just met may be from anywhere. Are you born in the same city? ask him where does he come from; it will be interesting if he’s from the same place as you – you’ll have plenty of things to talk about more and more and how the two of you have never met.

3. Do you live with your family/Are you close with your family?

He will probably respect this question; just don’t go to deep in the topic. Like, don’t ask about details and the family relationships. Does he goes to weekend family lunches, or he’s still living with his parents and siblings?

4. What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in your life, without being aware for the consequences?

A funny experience, an embarrassing moment or a life-threatening action; what would he share with you?

5. Do you love animals and do you have pets?

6. Surprise me with a fact about yourself.

What do you think?

Written by Stacie Newton

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