Night Habits That Affect Your Health More Than You Know

Bad habits are part of everyone’s life. Even those who preach about healthy living and follow a healthy lifestyle, have their own small secret bad habits that make them imperfect. And that’s fine, because the human creature is full of flaws, and yet, beautiful just the way it is. However, there are habits that affect your health in a bad manner and that shouldn’t be ignored or taken as something of secondary importance.

It’s not always about what you aren’t doing, but it’s about what you’re doing and how those things influence your well-being on a long-term plan. Here are some of the seemingly not so risky habits that are stealing from your health’s strength.

Pessimistic self-talk

The constant internal fight that you can’t, don’t know how or don’t want to stop can take you into the darkness of pessimism and self-doubt. The more you think about things you’re not satisfied with, the more you’ll feel weak and not ready to cope with those problems. These drag-down thoughts can seriously affect your health; first mentally and emotionally and then physically. From a physical aspect, you should know that with every negative thought stuck in your mind for ages, you reduce the production of serotonin.

Skipping dinner

It’s understandable if you want to stay fit and have a lovely, appealing figure, but that doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself from eating and foods to the point at which you’ll forget what dinner means. If you want to avoid the intake of calories and carbs, eat something that is rich in fiber and that will keep you full. Foods like oatmeal or boiled potatoes, which are rich in fiber and protein, are a good choice for your afternoon meals. A handful of almonds or one banana won’t do you harm. Just don’t let yourself to go hungry to bed. The disturbed and empty stomach can cause nervousness or interrupted sleep. 

Not flossing your teeth

You’ve just brushed your teeth and you went to sleep. The bacteria in your mouth will say “Thank you” for letting them stay and wonder through your mouth and teeth during the night. Flossing before bedtime is important because in that way, you’ll prevent the bad oral hygiene to affect the rest of your body. You’ll keep your breath fresh and you won’t wake up with dry and irritate throat.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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