Deep Things That Serious and Happy Couples Love To Talk About

Long-term couples know how to keep the vibe in the relationship. Their secret ingredient for happy, stable and loveable relationship is the conversation. Serious and happy couples tend to choose topics that emphasize the ‘sexy’ in intelligence, the ‘supporting’ in listening and the ‘passionate’ in interests.

What separates happy and serious couples from the other types of loving people are the things they choose to discuss when they’re dining, walking or lying in their bed. Sex and making out aren’t the only things that can turn you on. Deep talks that take you to a higher spiritual and connecting level with your partner can also make you feel amorous and loved. Here are some of the favorite themes that happy couples put on their love speech menu.

Local and world politics

Maybe it doesn’t sound like the most interesting topic, but politics are one of the crucial parts of humans’ existence, and partners who discuss such topics know the worth of their freedom, their lives and the quality of their living. A serious and respectful relationship is the one where both the parts share their beliefs and political and social philosophies without being judgy.

 Fears and weak features

Couples that base their relationship on sincerity, acceptance and truth, feel completely comfortable talking about their insecurities and weaknesses. Fears are included too in these talks, but not fears in the term of phobias and what scares them from the physical world, but more like the fears that don’t let them sleep during the night. Fears that make them get naked in front of their partner without taking their clothes off. They talk about fears that inspire and motivate them to go through life and achieve more.

Childhood experiences

Childhoods aren’t always the happiest of life’s period and happy couples like to talk about the things that have made them happy, but also about things from childhood that have hurt them and made them stronger.


Happy couples often find a strong common interest that keeps their conversation fresh and healthy and one of those topics is the movie industry and the films. Ask your partner about their movie interests, be that Hollywood, Bollywood or European cinema and take the discussion to a more serious level by analyzing the films from your own perspectives.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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