Amusing Facts About The Italian Pasta

One of the most delicious foods, consumed by the whole world and still being owned in the best possible way by the mesmerizing and romantic Italy, pasta is what makes you break your dieting rules and what makes you prepare it in large quantities and then eat a whole saucepan, although your stomach is double the full and exhausted by this mouth-watering and savory food.

Except the ways of preparation, there are some other fun facts and information that you’d probably like to know, so let’s run through them and see which one will surprise you the most.

  1. Pasta was first mentioned in 1154, in Sicily.
  2. Pasta is categorized in to groups, dried and fresh or also known by the Italian words of pasta secca and pasta fresca.
  3. There are 310 unique pasta forms, and over 1300 different names.
  4. Pasta is the staple food of Italy.
  5. It is one of the most often served foods in restaurants.
  6. There are rules regarding the combinations of pasta and sauces; light and simple pesto-like sauces go with long and thin pasta, while thick and meaty sauces are combined with short, tubular or shell pasta types.
  1. The word pasta is Italian, but its origin is a Latin version of the Greek word παστά (pasta), which literally means barley porridge.
  2. Italy is the  world’s largest exporter of pasta; in 2007, they have sent their goods to other countries in 1.7 million tons of pasta
  3. Pasta is high in carbohydrates, but very low in calories (only 1%)
  4. Pasta is one of the most often used foods in art, with the accent put on macaroni. Macaroni are used for making sculptures or mosaics glued to paper. It is often introduced to primary school students as an art class material.
  1. THE USA has its NPA, or National Pasta Association.
  2. Dried pasta always doubles its size when cooked.
  3. The traditional way of cooking pasta in the classic Italian way is called “al dente”.
  4. You can store and keep dry uncooked pasta for one year.
  5. You can cook and freeze pasta, and you can re-cook it and use within three months. The university semester meals are now planned, right?
  1. In the past, pasta was eaten by hand.
  2. Pasta can be given to pets, because it assists their growth and keeps their fur glossy.

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Written by Stacie Newton

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